Service Plans for Your Glovebox Systems

Uptime is profit time. Keep lines moving with an Inert service plan.

Inert wants your company's equipment up and running, at all times. To help maintain that goal, the Inert Service Department is staffed with expert glove box technicians. How do we know? We trained them!


The people we trust to provide you with top-notch customer service and onsite support all started on Inert's manufacturing floor, giving them great insight to potential problems and predictable solutions. That thought leadership, combined with our promise of personal responsiveness, is yours to tap into when needed. Think of us as an extension of your maintenance department, devoted to ensuring a safe work environment and efficient output at your company.


The level of service you might need is as customizable as any Inert glove box — and an equally savvy investment. Our team can tailor any of the following service programs to meet your equipment needs.



Extended Warranties

Inert proudly guarantees its glove box enclosures and related gas management systems for one-year, but since the equipment lifespan is expected to be much longer, we suggest further protection of your investment — and your budget — with an Inert Extended Warranty. In addition to replacement parts, our warranties also afford you discounts on consumable components, regularly lost to wear and tear.

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Onsite Service

Whether you have one glove box or 100, we offer an Onsite Service program and talented team to keep your glove box enclosures and gas management systems in optimum condition, including those that we did not manufacture, such as from MBraun or Vacuum Atmospheres Corporation.

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Preventative Maintenance

By purchasing a Preventative Maintenance program from the start of your Inert equipment acquisition, you are taking smart steps toward making sure regular maintenance is handled as it should be and on a proper schedule. For starters, we will periodically package and send the consumable components you need for your systems, all in an agreed timeframe that makes the most sense.

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