Custom Glovebox & Gas Management Systems for Hermetic Enclosures

Inert Custom Gloveboxes and Integrated Atmospheric Chambers are the Answer When Your Environment is Unique and Argon and Nitrogen Gas Monitoring is Key. 

Inert's continued commitment to creating modularized systems allows us to also custom tailor uniquely engineered and manufactured hermetic gloveboxes and atmospheric chambers to suit your manufacturing environment and gas monitoring/purification needs perfectly. We'll look beyond the box and find ways to integrate with your tools, technologies, gas handling, and automation workflows to fully optimize our custom integrated hermetic gloveboxes and enclosures around your process. And not only can we expertly engineer  a Glovebox and/or Gas Management System, but we can leverage our expertise to offer you a sound, long term management and maintenance strategy, too. 


Our team of glovebox engineers utilizes state-of-the-art technology including SolidWorks, Fluid Flow Simulation and 3D Modeling, allowing us to design customized enclosures, chambers, and gas management systems to meet your objectives for hermeticity and efficiency. We design for performance, durability, ergonomics, serviceability, and manufacturability. We understand deadlines, and have heavily invested in our engineering and manufacturing operation to eliminate bottlenecks in our factory and our supply chain. In short, time-sensitive delivery to you of a customized hermetic glove box, enclosure, or chamber is our specialty.


We provide customized solutions for a variety of industries including 3D printing/additive manufacturing, welding, pharmaceutical, medical devices, photovoltaic, lithium ion battery, atomic layer deposition, OLED and PLED, and Semiconductor to name a few. Our design services range from proof-­of-­concept drawings to professional engineer-approved designs. We can customize any of our products in accordance with your application’s atmospheric and ergonomic requirements.

Allow us to Integrate Your Custom Glovebox with Your Entire Manufacturing System 

Our Glovebox Systems and Gas Management Systems are built to industry standards and are extremely flexible when it comes time to insert them into your manufacturing workflow. This flexible integration is key for quickly establishing an ideal inert environment for air-free (<1 ppm O2 and H2O) processes. We can assist with design reviews, gas choices, and workflow automation issues and will work with you to ensure our Glovebox systems integrate and install seemlessly with all your OEM tools, equipment and technologies.




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