Oxygen + Moisture Sensors

Inert Oxygen and Moisture Analyzers Ready for Any GloveBox

Inert Oxygen and Moisture sensors offer unparalleled performance in the monitoring of oxygen and moisture levels in critical process applications. We can provide oxygen and moisture measuring solutions wired for use with any Glovebox system. And, be sure to ask about our automatic exchange program. We provide a new calibrated sensor that is a drop-in replacement for the sensor attached to the glovebox.


There’s one thing all glovebox workstations require – parts per million oxygen and moisture levels. For such a critical function, it makes sense to invest in the correct sensor for your system. Inert Corporation provides premium oxygen and moisture analyzers that can be installed on any glovebox or gas management system.

Analyzers for all glovebox brands

EOS-1 Zirconia Oxygen Sensor

EOS-2 Electrochemical Oxygen Sensor

Moisture Sensor

Offboard Display

Optional Replacement Sensors Auto Delivery

The automatic sensor exchange program available from Inert is as a simple solution for the calibration of your sensor. We will provide a new calibrated sensor that is a replacement for the sensor attached to your glovebox. You simply return the original sensor to Inert after installing the replacement sensor. Get your sensor replacement here.



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We offer a wide variety of optional accessories and support services for gloves, gloveboxes, gas management systems, gas purifiers, and solvent purification systems. To find out about or parts services, contact us.