Butyl Viton Laboratory Gloves


This glove is made of two different and inseparable layers: NEOPRENE and VITON (fluoroelastomer):


  • NEOPRENE increase mechanical properties from risks of tear strength, perforation and breaking. It is the user side (in contact with the operator).
  • VITON with its exceptional chemical resistance to ozone ageing, strong acid and alkali products, aliphatic and aromatic solvents, is the outward envelope of the glove.




Glove pairs are packaged then placed into cardboard boxes to prevent the gloves from being damaged during shipping.


Certificate of Conformity


Provided upon request.


Storage Advice


The gloves must be stored in their original packaging, at room temperature (between 40°F and 80°F). The gloves, when removed for use, must be protected against all risks of deterioration or damage before using. Lifetime of the glove, in its original packing and stored in conditions recommended above, is 3 years.


Maintenance Advice


If necessary, gloves can be washed with (soapy) water, rinsed under tap water, dryed in low temperature current of air and are dusted with talcum powder.

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