Glovebox In-Use Sensor Exchange Program

Are your glovebox analyzers over 12 months old?

It's time to think about calibration.

Inert wants your company's equipment running in optimal conditions capable of detecting < 1ppm impurities at all times.

To help maintain that goal, the Inert Service Department offers a unique Sensor Exchange Program.


It is now possible to replace any in-use sensor with a freshly calibrated one very cost effectively and with virtually no downtime. 

We even offer drop-in replacements for competitors' glovebox systems.


How does it work? Simply order a service exchange sensor from Inert. When received, the in-use sensor is removed and replaced with the service exchange sensor and the previous in-use sensor is returned to Inert for credit. The exchange is fast, efficient and economical.

To take advantage of this offer call us at +1 978-462-4415, Contact Us through our online form, or send an email to


Available options:
O- Electrochemical

O2 - Zirconia 



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