3D Printing Depowdering with PowerShield


Safely depowder additive manufactured parts in PowderShield™  — a customizable enclosure that inertizes the process of removing residual powders used in 3D printing. The depowdering process, and operator, are protected with a repeatable hermetic seal that prevents inhalation of particles, and the system is electrically grounded to prevent static buildup and potential ignition of metal powders. With the addition of an argon management system, PowderShield™ can maintain a < 1ppm O2 + H2O work environment and create an interior unidirectional flow to further contain plumage of powders. Because the depowdering is done in an inert environment the particles can be recycled and reusued, saving money on costly metal powders—titanium alone can cost between $200 - $400 per kilogram. The ROI is one more reason AM facilities should invest in PowderShield™



The PowderShield enclosure is the base of the system and is built with a reapeatable hermetic seal, hinged window panel, LED lighting, and stand. It can come equipped with various optional features to provide unique depowdering solutions, including rotating tilt table, vacuum hose, blow off gun, unidirectional flow, and other components for safety and efficiency.


After powders have been removed, the gravity-fed chute collects and contains powders for reuse, and can be integrated with sieves, powder hoppers, and collection kegs.





PowderShield™ optional features provide further customization configurations for additive manufacturers who have unique post-processing requirements when it comes to metal powders and safety. These and more can be designed and built into the PowderShield™ system.



Integrating inert gas management to the PowderShield enclosure creates a work environment free from oxygen that can cause ignition or combustion to metal powders. Gas management can also be used to supply argon to the interior blowoff gun, for the cleanest, purest depowdering process possible.



Inert's powder filtration is perfect for handling the small amounts of particulate leftover on parts after they have been removed from the build chamber. Filtration passivates the powders making them safe to handle, dispose of, or recycle after the part has been fully post-processed.



Cyclonic filtration integration with PowderShield can be used to handle large quantities of powders or particulate up to several gallons at a time. The design allows additive manufacturers who have higher quantities of residual powders in the post-processing stage to fully depoqder and recycle the media. Can be integrated with vacuums and sieves for other AM solutions.


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